Chongqing City Management College is a full-time public diploma-level college, which is sponsored by Chongqing municipal government, constructed by both the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Chongqing municipal government and directly subordinate to Chongqing Education Commission. 

  The college was set up in 1984. In March 2003, she was upgraded to be an independent tertiary education vocational college (Chongqing Social Work Vocational College). In March 2006, she changed the name to be Chongqing City Management College.

  During the past 28years, the college has achieved continuous, fast and healthy development. From a school with its majors solely about liberal arts, she has developed into a multidisciplinary vocational college which has the major of social work as its foundation, has the major of modern service as the key, and has the major of modern manufacturing as its breakthrough.

  The college persists in operating the school in the direction of socialism, bases on the modern urban management,serves for the building of harmonious society, adapts the service-targeted and employment-oriented guiding principle, exists by quality, develops by innovations, casts the brand with its strong characteristics, takes the road of development of production,study and research. Through the ways above, the college actively cultivates service-oriented professional advanced technology applied talents with their moral,wisdom and physical body fully developed. The graduates from the college can satisfy the need of the front line of modern urban construction, management and service,and they have strong practice ability, good occupational ethics and excellent innovation spirit.

  Now the college is located at Chongqing University City, and occupies about 450 Chinese Mu. The experimental and practicing equipment are very advanced. The teaching equipments cost over 50,000,000 Yuan. There are 17 practicing bases (centers) which has 124 experimental and practicing labs subordinate to them in the college. There are 236 experimental and practicing labs outside. And we also have the logistics training base、computer internet technology practice center and electronic product producing technology practice center.

  The college constructs campus network which can meet the need of modern teaching and management. The library has about 500,000 copies and 800 kinds of newspapers and magazines. Living facilities,cultural and sports facilities are perfect. Campus cultural life is rich and colorful. All of this provides excellent conditions for the students’ all-round development.

  The college presently has 11 teaching branches. They are School of Social Work, Cultural Industry Administration Department, School of Information Engineering, Engineering Administration Department, Accounting and Trade Department, Tourism Management Department, Health management Department, Basic Courses Teaching Department,School of Continuing Education. The college opens 45 specialties all together.

  The college persists in the strength strategy of college with its emphasis on the talented faculty and the college takes the teachers’ construction as the foundational project. Until the end of 2011, there are more than 500 full-time stuffs in the college. Among them, 28 of them are professors, 98 of them have deputy academic titles, 209 of them own the master degrees or doctor degrees. There are 3 Chongqing University Outstanding Youth Master Teachers, 20 professional leaders and 293 teachers with “dual quality”. Presently, there are more than 10,000 full-time students.

  The college also invites many experts and engineers with senior titles as visiting professors or part-time teachers. Some of them are from universities such as the American Widener University, University of Louisville of U.S., Beijing University, and Hong Kong City University. Some of them are from Hong Kong Occupation Training Bureau, the 24th research institutes of Chinese Electron Group, Putan Communication Equipment Limited Liability Company and the 18th Metallurgy Construction Company.

  The teachers have got fruitful teaching and research achievements. In recent years, the faculties have chaired 54 provincial level or above research projects. They have accomplished 11 teaching and researching projects of college level, achieved 7 teaching and research awards of national or provincial level. The teachers have published over 400 articles publicly on the core journals such as CSSCI,CSCD, periodicals and all other general papers, have published 45 books or teaching materials with our teachers acting as writers, editors or deputy editors.

  We have set up national skill certification centers which can certificate 37 types of vocational work. The college also be named as the training base for national shortage technicians of computer and software, skills assessment station for the special work of civil affairs industry, national computer information and technology examination station, authorized national training center for the personnel vocational qualifications, the long distance training center for educational administration information of Ministry of Education.

  The college actively carries out international exchanges and cooperation. We have widely cooperated with the colleges of America, Australia, South Korea, Britain and Hong Kong area. From this, we create many opportunities for the teachers and students to carry out studying and exchanging with foreign institutions. In 2007, our college was accepted as the C-TAFE model pilot college by the Australia-China(Chongqing) Vocational Education and Training Project Office.2009, the college became the member of U.S.-China Friendship Volunteers Project and began to introduce foreign teachers.

  The college pays more attention on the graduates’ recommendation and employment work. For this reason, our college have established widespread network of employment, and through this way our college can provide sufficient posts for the graduates. The graduates from our college have solid knowledge base, good ethics and strong practical skills, so they are favored by the employing units. Most of the graduates become the backbones of production and management lines in their work units.2009,the college got the national prize of “Advanced unit for college students’ employment work”.

  Because our college have got prominent achievements in school operation, she was awarded many glorious titles, such as the titles from Chongqing Municipality “Chongqing advanced unit for vocational education work”,“Chongqing advanced unit for the graduates’ employment work”. The Chongqing Education Committe granted the titleMunicipal Advanced Unit of International Cooperation and Exchange. The Ministry of Education and the other ministries awarded the title“National advanced unit for moral education” and the title “National advanced unit for vocational education”. The title was awarded by the State Council is “ National model unit for peoples’ unity and progress ”.

  Presently, our college persists in the motto “Study and practice with diligence. Behave according to virtue” and the ethos “advancement in harmony and striving for the truth and innovation”. According to the working outline “accelerate the development, improve the quality, create the characteristics, establish the brand”, our college gives prominence to the work of “city” and “vocation”, takes the specialty construction as the leading work, takes the teachers construction as the supporter, takes the teaching work as the center, takes the students’ education as the ultimate result. Through putting the leap and bound development strategy into practice, our college tries to build a demonstration applied vocational college with distinctive characteristics, which is first class in Chongqing and well-known in China.