The cooperation of “3D Game” design student exchange project, between Cibap College of the Netherland and our college



    The cooperation of “3D Game” design student exchange project, between Cibap College of the Netherland and our college, has ended successfully from Sep.4th to Nov.14th .For a period of ten weeks of this Project is a new and deep attempt with Cibap College and also a longest time of our students learning abroad. During this project, the team of 3D Game of the School of Cultural Industry Management learned how to make a game .They participated in various exhibitions, knowing the culture of Netherland, learning much.





Arrived in Netherland in the first time, after a simple but grand opening ceremony, our school 3D project team to join the Holland 038 serious game team. 6 members were added to improve the Holland Native women IT staff project group, autistic children's communication game project group, traffic VR project group and VR speech game project group, and served as the main art work in these games groups, 2D and 3D and the related content of the original models.

    In order that students can quickly integrate into the respective project, Cibap College also opened the game production course, which is from the beginning to make clear the purpose of the game, establishing the incentive mechanism in the process of the game, the whole idea of making a game ,the style of designing the game and different games for different art requirements and so on, for our 3D project team members. Through this course, 3D project team members have learned about the whole process of making games. Finally, at the end of the course, students make a game together at Cibap College, including game mind maps, concept of art and part of the architectural modeling.



    During the visit to school, our school 3D project team members also participated in the 2016 Holland game show, as well as Holland design week in 2016. In the game show, many of the game making, game design, game art based on 3D modeling, game company financial management, personnel management, etc.,and the 3D project team members learn more about the game production from the macro aspects. In Holland design week, the artists and the company around Holland show creative design in all aspects of basic necessities of life. Everything from furniture to all kinds of engineering tools used in agriculture to making new materials, which broadened 3D project team members’ horizon and continued to inspire themselves.

    Through this exchange Program, our school 3D project team members have achieved good results, the 3D project team was given a high evaluation by the Project Team from Holland. We believe that, after this time, the depth of communication between our school and Cibap College , the cooperation in two will be more closely.