UCN and SOSU visited our school


    On Oct,27th , at the invitation of the Chongqing Embassy of the kingdom of Denmark , University of the North Denmark (UCN) and the nursing of Danish Society of Region Nordjylland College (SOSU Nord) visited our school construction work of nursing. Luo Xiaoqiu, the vice president of our school, the Department of foreign cooperation, Health and Senior services, as well as the relevant people attended this meeting.


    Luo Xiaoqiu , the vice president, firstly, extended the warm welcome to the two colleges , introduced the present situation of our school and the foreign educational institutions exchange projects and cooperation, and hoped to establish cooperation in multi-level and multi-field. The two parties also exchanged ideas among teachers and students exchanges, mutual recognition of credits and the students went to Denmark to study Bachelor and master degree ,and laid the foundation for the further cooperation.


    It is reported that the Northern Denmark University is a comprehensive university, which is combined the academic development and innovation concept with business, education, health and technology the four areas. The number of college students (including other programs) is about 16000, the business about 8500 students, the staff about 800. The Nursing of Danish Society of Region Nordjylland College is one of Denmark's biggest social medical health occupation education schools, whose primary task is to develop a high level of professional personnel in the field of health and social medical education and its unique future laboratory can help students prepare for future technical challenges to promote social welfare with the development of the new test.