Clair School of Canada, visited our school


        On Oct. 31st , Wu Chuntao ,the International Department Manager of St. Clair School of Canada, visited our school to carry out international cooperation project and preaching activities. The delegation from Foreign Cooperation Department, the school of Tourism, the school of Humanities, and the school of Engineering and Management participated in the related activities.


   Exchange project and preaching activities were hold in the first conference room in the office Building for specialty of sports from the school of Humanities. Later, a cooperative project fair was hold in the second conference room, and Gu Chuanyi, the director International Cooperation Department introduced the present situation of our school and the foreign educational institutions exchange projects and cooperation, and hoped to establish cooperation with St. Clair college in multi-level and multi-field. Manager Wu Chuntao introduced the basic situation and the main modes of the St. Clair college school with related domestic colleges. Students can continue to carry out summer camp activities , teachers exchange and other matters in depth exchanges, on tourism management, hotel management, landscape technology, social sports and other specialties, , and reached a preliminary cooperation intention. St. Clair college said, in the middle of next year, a delegation teachers exchange will be sent to visit our school.


     It is reported that the St. Clair is located in the southernmost of Windsor in Canada, a prestigious public university. The college , founded in 1966, with 3 campuses and 9 branches, is a full-time registered college more than 8300 students, with over 100 professional graduate certificate and diploma. This College pays attention to training students' ability of application, and the employers’ satisfaction over the years is above 90%