Teachers and students in our school visit CIBAP


    September 4 to 16, according to the art institute of our school and the CIBAP cooperation agreement, and subject to the CIBAP art college invited, teachers and students in our school have a 12-day visit cultural communication.

   In communication during the visit, Cibap for the students in our school has made the careful arrangement for life and the study, students living in the Netherlands friend home, they communicate adequately in Ehglish, students experience in the Netherlands in-depth, local culture, feel the Dutch families’ warm and friendly. Attended Cibap three workshops: Design and Media, 3 d painting workshop and Craft workshops, experience the learning process is not the same as in our school . Cibap also arranged in Amsterdam for students in the national museum and the city of arnhem open-air museum visit, and appreciate the charm of art in the Netherlands, and learn about the history of the local culture. Classmates, accompanied by her friend also went to different places, some party with my friends and relatives, some go to farms in the Netherlands to enjoy tulips.


      A 12-day Dutch exchange visits, make the students really realized the local characteristic of the local conditions and customs, geographical environment, feeling the local family warmth and CIBAP school education idea; Both students through mutual exchanges, learn from each other and together create finished workshop works and tasks. Through the exchanges and cooperation, the students further broadened horizons, improve the innovative